Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Quiet Professionals provides a wide-range of full spectrum IT services, primarily supporting critical USSOCOM missions and operations. To demonstrate our IT capabilities, we have included a brief snapshot of some of our projects below —

USSOCOM War Game Center

Quiet Professionals is the prime contract holder for IT maintenance and operations for the USSOCOM War Game Center (WGC). The WGC is headquartered at USSOCOM in Tampa, FL and is a 3500 square foot facility designed specifically for multi-system visual display of information in order to enhance and support seminars involving senior US military and government leaders, foreign dignitaries, and other VIP’s. Our IT services facilitate uninterrupted operations at the USSOCOM WGC.

USSOCOM Operations Directorate Client-Side SharePoint Portal Support

Our team of experienced IT professionals provide various SharePoint development services to the USSOCOM J3 Operations Directorate. Our IT services ensure the SharePoint portal functions as a mechanism of enhanced collaboration and information sharing for all stakeholders. Specific tasks and responsibilities for this contract include, but are not limited to, application development, portal development, and technical support.

USSOCOM Consolidated Service Desk (CSD)

The USSOCOM Consolidated Service Desk (CSD) represents the first point-of-contact for SOF Information Environment (SIE) end-users worldwide. Whenever users encounter IT or technical issues, the CSD is contacted via remedy, email, telephone, or chat and a resolution process is initiated. In support of the CSD, QP provides help-desk specialists that are solution-oriented and troubleshoot/resolve IT issues.


Quiet Professionals is also a prime contract holder on the General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70. You can review our GSA IT-70 contract details here.